Demon, Incubus
The Dark Hood is the head of the DarkForce organization and serves as the main antagonist of Storm Overdrive's third season; Mikey: Quest of the Thunder Ruins. Currently, his identity is unknown.


Like his name, he is usually seen wearing a long cloak over a long-sleeved jacket with gold rings around his arms. His face is covered by a metallic mask and goggles that covers only his right eye and wears a gray hood over his head.



Mikey: Storm OverdriveEdit

Adventures in RoaminaEdit

The Dark Hood makes a cameo appearance in Spirit Emblems, where he assigns his henchman, Agent Black, to find and recruit those who weild the Spirit Emblem and laughs maniacly at the end of the episode.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Spirit Emblems (cameo)