Spartan Hoplite 1
is a major villian in Mikey: Storm Overdrive.


Kronus is a tall, slimmer, and teenage warrior with spiked brown hair with white and orange thunderbolt-like highlights on his head that shapen like a jagged horn-like crown. He wears a dark-purple long-sleeved jacket with a large white collar with razor-sharp teeth pointing up, has gold-trimmed zippers, all under a bright-red shirt with a black collar and has a gremlin-shaped necklace as well. He also wears navy-blue pants with dark-grey lines, and has small pockets that are yellow-and-white.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kronus possesses a Greek-like longsword like the Greek Hero Perseus. Using this weapon when combined with his Dark elemental powers, can create explosive dark wave blasts that shatter his opponents in fear.




  • Kronus appears as a counterpart of Draco Lancelot, but more crueler and viciously dangerous.
  • Kronus appears to be a modern version of the Greek Hero Perseus since they both are swordsmen, but his name comes from the name of Kronos, the Titan Lord in Greek mythology.