Mikey: Legends of Destroia (Battle Lizard Mikey X3) is the third Mikey N. Lizard series and serves as the third and final season of the Mikey N. Lizard saga. It follows Mikey's quest to search for the Twelve Elders' Warriors and unite them to destroy the legendary Drakion, Lord of Shadows. It is succeded by the Overdrive saga's new series, Mikey: Storm Overdrive.


Somewhere, a new Elemental Star Comet has began falling to Earth.

In an occasion, it is split into thirteen comets, searching for the chosen ones to defeat a new evil, the return of the legendary destroyer of darkness—has come to obtain ultimate power to destroy the Earth. Mikey and his friends meet a scientist named Gray who discovers that only the seven descendants of the six elders and the seven guardians of space, must unite to defeat Drakion and save the world from evil.


Legendary EldersEdit

  • Mikey N. Lizard
  • Jake Johnson
  • Tyrone Tiger
  • Rex Garcia

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