Mikey N. Lizard (The Original Series) is the first series in the Mikey N. Lizard franchise and serves as the first of the Lizard Destiny trilogy.


In the world of humans and animals, there is one lizard who is part of a bigger destiny. Together, with his companions, he must battle his way through villains, freaks, and evil overlords to become the No. 1 Champion Superhero.


Mikey's TeamEdit

  • Mikey N. Lizard: The heroic lizard who moves to Lizard City to become a powerful superhero.
  • Benji S. Turtle: One of Mikey's companions.
  • Jake Johnson: One of Mikey's companions
  • Snuggly PolarBear: Artic Polar Bear
  • Tyrone Tiger: Ninjitsu Siberian Tiger cub

Rivals, Enemies, and FreaksEdit

  • Sly the Squirrel
  • Metal Head
  • Dr. Freezer
  • Crazy Brain, Jr.
  • Leone Reese

Darkness ArmadaEdit

  • Samuel Tyranoise
  • Fangor
  • Corem