Mikey the Movie: Tundrax and the Gladiator of Justice is the first Storm Overdrive series movie and is the 11th movie overall. It will premiere on December 8th, 2012.


Somewhere between Articia and Tundra Village, a young Glaciator known as Tundrax has spent his elntir


Character DebutsEdit

Legendary CharactersEdit

Villian CharacterEdit

  • Dr. Virgil


Credits OnlyEdit

  • Danielle Tyranoise
  • Draco Lancelot
  • Damian Hawke
  • Shadow
  • Leone
  • Blaze
  • Selena
  • Vincent
  • Roxx
  • Crash
  • Avengor
  • Crash
  • Metalhead
  • Dr. Freezer


  • The film has places tha resembles a large town in Alaska and Mount Everest.


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