Captain Riptide Gillerken
is a villian in Storm Overdrive. He is the leader and captain of the Gillerken Pirates crew.


Riptide, much like his siblings, is seen as a crocodile/shark-like creature with orange tioger stripes on the left side of his chest and face. He has a long snout with hooked fangs in a shade of silver, and has a brown eyepatch across his left eye. He is slightly muscular and has on a raggedy captain's hat. His skin is light-gray while his dorsal fin is a deep sea green. He also has sharp blades that open when his muscles flex when using his signature move, Gillerken Crusher. He wears a sleeveless black shirt with green lines, has brace-like gauntlets on his wirsts, and has on ankle gauntlets as well.


Riptide has a more sinister, yet evil personality that is similar to Samuel Tyranoise's when he was under the influence of the Dark Gene effect. He is also shown to be extremely aggressive and dangerous because his super-strength and reflexes are superior to Mikey's Fusion Overdrive form and Clay's Stone Smash technique.

He is shown as the oldest of the Gillerken siblings, being there for them...


Riptide appears in the background as a shadow while his brothers enter through the Riptide Bay to kidnap HD President Draco Lancelot and Special Agent Provoski in order to set a trap for Team Lizard Storm.



  • Riptide's name comes from the current of the same name.
  • Riptide and Samuel Tyranoise both have the same prefrences.
    • Both are insane during a fight with their rivals.
    • Both seem possessed when gaining too much power.
    • Are both members of the same family.