The God of Good Vs.The Mad scientist
General Information
Original broadcast October 1,2015
Series Mikey: Storm Overdrive
Season 3
Episode number 7
Overall episode number TBA
Written by Josh Clark & Matthew Kling
Directed by Josh Clark & Matthew Kling
Episode Guide
Previous episode Epic battle part 2:Matthew Kling Vs.Gillerken Pirates
Next episode TBA

The God of Good vs.mad Scientists is the seventh episode of Mikey: Storm Overdrive's third season.

Plot Edit

Matthew Kling (Demon Lord Baphomet form) kills Dr. Virgil with his Mass icy prison,Polar midnight & Hellfire ray.

Matthew Kling (Demon Lord Baphomet form) kills Dr. Tiberius III with his vision of Hell,Hellfire ray,Sting & Aizerghaul.

Major Events Edit

  • Matthew Kling kills the Mad scientist (Dr. Tiberius III & Dr. Virgil)

Characters Edit

  • Mikey the Lizard
  • Benji S. Turtle
  • Jake Johnson
  • Jake Johnson (clone)
  • Tyrone Tiger
  • Snuggly J. PolarBear
  • Stupid Mikey the Lizard
  • Super Benji
  • Zane Kazaki
  • Reena Grace
  • Clay Stone
  • Matthew Kling

Villains Edit

  • Dr. Tiberius III
  • Dr. Virgil

Trivia Edit

  • This marks the end for the Matthew Kling Arc.
  • Mikey:Storm-overdrive is put on hiatus.
  • The song called Now We Are Free (by Lisa Gerrard) is played after the episode during the Credits.

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