This article is about the episode. For the seal of the same name, see: Seal of the Elder's Fate

Seal of the Elder's Fate (episode)
General Information
Original broadcast Unknown
Series Mikey: Storm Overdrive
Season TBA
Episode number Unknown
Episode Guide
Seal of the Elder's Fate is an episode of Mikey: Storm Overdrive.


Major EventsEdit

  • The Legendary Elders make their Overdrive debuts in a flashback.
  • Reena abandons her superhero career and becomes Draco's newest assistant.
  • Kylus is revealed to be a Nemean and joins the gang.
  • Mikey and the gang arrive in the Mayan Ruins.
  • Mikey, Kylus, Cody, Zane, and Clay all recieve the Legendary Elder's Ancient Energies.
  • Gladitrix steals a parchment from the Mayan Ruins.

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