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Tyson Berserk
was a dangerous and powerful supervillian and is one of the major antagonists who appears in Mikey: Storm Overdrive. He is a former member of BURST who worked beside Marche Zakarus and is an genetic clone created from Samuel Tyrannoise's DNA thanks to the Dark Gene project. He is later destroyed in Brutal Showdown: Part 2.


Tyson Berserk has the appearance of a tall, slim but muscular-built young man with light skin. Since he is a clone of Samuel Tyrannoise, he has spiky purple skin, thin eyebrows, and dark-red eyes. His left eye is covered by a gold digital eyepatch with a red visor that he uses to point out the weak points.


Prior to the final battle that occured three years ago, Tyson was genetically created after Zakarus extracted Tyrannoise's DNA sample and enhanced him with the early stages of the Enhancement Machine. This made Tyson's abilities match his original self thus turning him into a crazed, psychotic, and dangerous villian that had been kept in lockdown until he is reactivated in three years.

Storm OverdriveEdit

In Ambush at the Festival, Tyson is sent to demonstrate his abilities that have been enhanced by the genetic code of the Dark Gene implanted into the Enahncement Machine by attacking Mikey's gang at a festival. Because he was able to point out the gang's abilities and weakened them relentlessly, it was the perfect distraction while Zakarus stole the data from Zane's computer.

He later reappears in Brutal Showdown: Part 1 where he along with Damian Hawke and Zakarus arrive in Nemeus where he attacks Drayden, Lyle, and Throwk. He then fights off against Mikey and the gang where he unleashes the power of the enhancement and reveals the Shadow Drive element, a knock-off of the Storm Overdrive, while becoming a Nemean-like monster and defeats the group in raging fury. However, he tricks Mikey into fighting him in Fusion Overdrive form and absorbs the element, becoming even more unstable and increased in power. But the enormous supply of energy overtakes him as Tyson explodes in purple lightning and vanishes. He then betrays his master and knocks him out, revealing that he had no intention of serving his "master" and plans on conquering Nemeus and Earth.



  • Tyson's personality is similar to Samuel Tyrannoise when he was fused with the Dark Force.

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